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FEELER on my '04 Sierra

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Hey guys, i am thinking about buying a project truck and a transportation car, and i kinda wanted to see if anyone might be interested in the purchase of my truck. I've never sold a vehicle over a forum, so i hope i'm doin this right. The price is hard to come up with since i have done so much stuff to it. All the mods are in my sig, I was thinking about mid 20's like around $26,000 or so. The truck has 38,000 miles on it, and every single service and oil change are right on the dot at 3,000 miles. It had a 30,000 service done too. Just want to get some feedback and see if there is interest.

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I also forgot a few things. I have a subthump dual 10" downfire box with ebroidered Sierra logo, 2-10" JL W3 V3's w/ 500/1 JL amp. Escalade ESV Gauge Cluster, it looks real sick. And i think that's the only thing you don't see. Suspension is hanger and shackle in the rear w/ 1" drop coils in the front. The tires are 420S Nitto's, and they are 10" wire tires.
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