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so i think im going to be getting a new car and wondering if anyone here wants my truck. i would rather sell the whole thing instead of parting out. if there isnt enough interest in the truck as it sits then ill part it out, so if you want parts, lmk and ill keep track of it for when i go that route... on to the truck.

1993 GMC Suburban C2500 2wd.
350 5.7L v8

asking $5500 + a return plane ticket... ill deliver it anywhere in the 48...

175K miles
there is a radiator leak somewhere, my mechanic has checked it twice and told me to just watch the fluids, it wouldnt be worth it to replace it because it is a slow leak.
tranny is starting to slip.
front bumper has a dent in it.
rear window tint doesnt match (you need to replace the drivers side glass) should be less then $200 for glass and tint


Engine bay upgrades:
new plugs, wires, starter.
optima red top
250amp alt
big 3 in 0/1awg
Volant CAI
Flowmaster single in dual out 40 series

front chrome bumper with fog lights
5% tint all around
30% tint on the windshield
Devino Trench 8 20"s
Goodyear eagle GTII 285/50/20s (prolly 50%+ tread left)
front drive and pass handles have no key holes.
color matched grill
color matched rear pillars
altezza tail lights
clear headlights/corner markers/ park lamps
Chrome GMC grill badge
Roll Pan, molded, painted
Vent shades
Chrome shorty antenna.

white guage face
custom fiberglass center console with 6.5" screen, cell phone holder and 8 switches (for electronics)
third row seat
bucket seats up front, driver is full power

Prestige 996a r/s 2way alarm with tilt sensor and 2 530t's (can roll up/down all 4 windows with alarm remote)
200watt (i think) power inverter
1F cap
Kicker 15" L7 - 4.5^3 box
Kicker zx1000.1
Kicker kx200.1
RF power series 4x6"s
"false floor" amp rack set up
3 white neons ub kits
orange neons inside truck
Passport 8500 blue
Jensen 9311 w/ ipod adapter
60gb ipod photo white

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