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would like to know what you guys would value this lift kit and wheel/tire combo at. The lift is a 6" Fabtech for 01-07 8 lug gm, has double shock hoop and 8 pro comp es3000 shocks (4 shocks for the hoops 2 shocks in stock location in front and 2 for the rear), the rear has a 3-4" block and a add a leaf. The kit brand new would run you about $1600.oo or so. It has 30K miles on it and in very good shape.

The rims and tires are 17x10 polished weld mountain crushers wrapped in 35x12.50r17 baja claw radials (about 1/2 tread left). The wheels brand new would run you about $325.oo a wheel ($1300 a set of 4) and the baja claws new run about $1100.

So prety much brand new this whole setup would run some one around $4000.oo, so what would you pay for it having about 35k miles on it????

heres an actual picture of the wheels/tires and lift.
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