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Few new things

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Added the cowl and tinted the tails.

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Thats one nice truck. Seriously Its clean and simple I like that truck :read:
very nice...the cowl ties in perfect
what a pos :crazy: :kiss:
looks good
indeed, I think my next GMFS will be a 03-07 sierra :rocking:
looks great
That looks nice. How much did yo pay for the hood and where did you get it?
Well that just looks like total ass in my humble opinion.

looks good, happy birthday btw
thanks guys.

gerald, suck my balls. :read:
I saw you today :lol: had all the windows down on Kingsland blvd :secret:
What is up w/ the the 2 things on the roof of the truck?

Other than that it looks good.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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