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Stepside ftw
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I'm an owner of a Black '05 Chevy Silverado LT Stepside Ext. Cab. It is currently lowered, has a flowmaster, black 22's, a snug top, and i debadged it and demolded it myself.
I can go into further details on each of the mods if you just ask or pm me im just too lazy to post it all atm.
I have some things on my to-do list that i have some questions on.
My list consists of:
New Bow-tie(Black). I dunno if i should paint it or buy a new one. I don't have any of the materials so which would be more cost efficient Doing it myself or buying a new one?
Billet Grille. What is a good online vendor for these? Around How much do they cost? and is it easy to install yourself?
Tail Lights. Same questions as the grille
Headlights. How much is a HID kit and how hard is it to install?
Audio. I will probably just get a probox but any info would be nice
Roll pan. Should i get it welded or just attached? and how much does each cost?
Shaving the back handle. Cost?

I think thats just about it, any help would be nice

I will be posting pics soon.
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