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Ok this may be a dum question, but i ahve never joined these 2 before.
I ahve a 93 stepside 1500, i want to use a smooth tailgate skin which is steel. no big deal b/c the end caps and top rails of the bed are steel just weld it up... well the roll pan and the bottom of the bed need to be fiberglass since the steps are fiberglass.
The steps are all busted up on the rear b/c some one droped the truck and drug off the roll pan that was molded it, well it ripped it off really. So i found some step shavers and roll pan that are fiberglass to mold it all together smooth.. Well my problem is were the steel meets the fiberglass at the bottom the the tailgate skin and the top of the fiberglass rollpan. It this the way to go or another way.

any help is very much needed and accepted.

Thank you guys..
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