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Final exhaust question before ordering

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well ive been trying to find an intermediate pipe from my Y to muffler...i found one made for my truck that is madrel bent with a flange and a hanger but its 2.5" in diameter. whats the stock setup 2.5"? i really wanted to plan on runnin 3" to a 3" in/out muffler with a dump but i guess ill have to got the 2.5" route to 2.5" in/out muffler with a dump. is there really gonna be a big difference? my trucks stock right now. thanks for the help
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You mean the pipe after the Y to the muffler? Walker (Dynomax) has them, 1white04 posted the links up.
yeah thats the one im prolly going to order from summit
They have them 3"
not in rcsb tho...only ecsb and rclb....or am i wrong? ive searched many times and have not found exactly what im wanting
and i dont feel like for 90 bucks i should buy a different size and hack it with the tools i got to make it fit
Well the wheel base isn't that diff, just shorten the pipe? XL coop on here is doing the same, just got that pipe done. PM him.
alrighty ill look into it a lil more, i dont mind cutting the unfinished end but hopefully hangers in the same position
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