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Final opinion for lift and wheel size

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I have a 2011 Silverado 4wd. I am looking to ditch my leveling kit and go higher in the near future and have read many forums on here about different lifts, wheels, tires, mods, etc. This one was especially helpful for those also looking into lifting their truck also:

That being said, I am torn on what lift to get. I am down to these 3, but can't decide and want one last opinion before I pull the trigger: 6" Fabtech, 7-9 FTS, or 7-9 McGaughy's. I'm looking for final REASONS to go with one over the other. After that the search for wheels and tires begins. I want 35s on either a 20x10 or 20x9 wheel. Looking for REASONS to go with either wheel size and what offset would be needed would be appreciated as well.

EDIT: I'm looking for a semi-aggresive look stance wise. I want to be able to cover my tires with fender flares in the future so I don't ding up my doors as bad.
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FTS & MCG are very similar in price for a basic kit. around $1300 shipped to the US

Where are you finding them for that low of a price? Your sure that's for 4wd?
Does the FTS kit sit level without adding anything or am I going to have the "squat" look? Cause I can't stand the squat look
:yuno: All lift kits come with a full lift kit.... whether it be just a block, or a AAL & a block.
False! Just because its a lift kit doesn't mean it makes the truck sit level as well as lift it. I know for fact the rough country 5" kit leaves your truck wit stock rake and I've heard of other kits doing the same thing.
Can someone recommend or give me a link of where to order the bilstein 7-9 struts and rear shocks I would need besides getting them from cognito?

With the lift set to 7" are my CV angles going to be ok? I've seen pictures on here and they pretty good, but always worth double checking to follow the measure twice cut once idea.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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