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Finally dusted off the "ol' rust bucket"!!!

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Got around to cleaning up the HD this past weekend. I've been working on the Blazer alot recently, and neglecting the HD. With so much pollen around here in the air, it was green in color. So I gave it a bath, interior detail, and pulled the wheels off and attempted to polish them up from this past winters salt. Gave up on the center caps though, pure rust!

Anyway, onto the pics:

Oh, and check out the Blazer!!! Just messing around while rotating the tires on the HD and Tahoe: :crazy:

37" Toyo's ?????


SS 20's????
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Nay 15X8's and 33's for the win. That shit looks titties.
I've always loved your HD, its perfect
Thanks guys.

Those Toyo's don't look big on the HD, but pull one off, and roll it around or put it near another vehicle, and you'll realize how f'n big they are!!! Haha.
Most longbeds don't look right to me lifted. That one looks damn good, however.
looking awesome!

on that note,
gimme ur hood

Haha.. um. No! I've always wanted a cowl hood for the HD, but no one makes a HD cowl hood. All are 1500 cowl hoods. So looks like I'll be keeping the stock HD hood on this one.

The Blazer on the other hand will be getting a cowl hood in the future.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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