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Finally Got My Dubs In Now Im Cool

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well i finally got all of my rims in if yall remember i posted when i got my first 2 in and now i got my other 2 in. ive already got my tires on the way im gonna be runnin 285/50/20 eagle gtII tires and be the way the rims are the centerline stingray IIIs the same ones y2ksierra rims and ill post some pics if ya want and i need to show yall my new lower billet piece and custom made license plate hole fillers my dad made

well ill post some pics before next weekend if you guys want just let me know thanks in advance
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I love my stingrays! They are easy to clean and polish...just polish at least once a month and clean as often as possible and they will stay looking new! :shake:

Good choice on wheel BTW

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