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finally they warrantied my tires

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Well, finally it happened. Interco has agreed to reimburse me for the unbalancable SSRs i have. They will give me an amount depending on the amount of tread left. Fair enough. I am happy just to get rid of them.

Now, the issue is what to replace them with. Top of my lists are xterrains, Toyo mt's, or STS. I love the look of the STS but I think they will plug with snow in winters. Anyone have comments on this ir advice they can share on the above picks.

I really want some Dirt Grips but I cannot find them for cheaper than $450 CAD. IF someone can hook me up for these or direct me to where i can get them for a resonable price I woudl greatly appreciate it.
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Congrats on getting them to fix your problem.

Hope I never have that problem with my SSR's. So far so good.
How did you go about getting them to pay you? Who did you take your problem to? So far so good but If I ever start having a problem I want to know the best way to get it fixed.

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