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Finaly got the truck off the jack stands and on some new rims!

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Finally got my 22's. Man it was a good day I got to take the cover off and cruise with my new rims after my truck being on jack stands for 2 months now. I MISSED MY TRUCK! Well she is ridding again and loving every min of it. Now all I have to do is make a new sig :bawl:

Thanks for lookin! :head:

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:head: Awesome pic....wheels look great:D


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Thanks for chekin my truck out! I'm glad you guys like the picture. I had my friend that is a photographer take it and make it look all pro. He even printed me out a 13" x 19" poster size print at 8 megapixels that looks tight! If anyone is interested, he can do bigger prints. We did some of my truck rollin and shit. The possibilities are endless. Thanks again!

Here are some other ones he did for me.....


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hahah nice pics... now you just need a professional photoshopper to get rid of that gap. I couldn't imagine not driving my truck for that long. I didn't drive mine for 1.5 weeks and i was going crazy :read: :pissed:

you better be coming to the meet at Intro's house.
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