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Finshed My 2/4 Drop

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I finished my 2/4 drop today. Actually it ends up being a 2/3 drop. I used the McGaughy's 2/4 kit but with the 4" rear drop, even after cutting 3 "steps" off the bump stops it was still sitting on the stops and rode like crap. So, I used the second hole on the shackles and it's much better. Rides like stock unless I hit a ,ajor dip then there's a brief hit.

It certainly isn't radical but it accomplishes what I set out to do. I would like to see if I can 1/2 to 1 inch out of the front by adjusting the torsion bars but I don't quite know how to do that yet and will need to do some more research.

The shot in my sig is the stock heigth, the attachment is with the drop.
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Matt said:
nice job man, filled the finders much more nicely
Thanks. Crappy picture cause it's been raining all day and it's cloudy out. I'll take another shot tomorrow and I think it will show off better but you're right, filling in the wheel well gap was exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

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Truck looks good. I need to stop looking at pics of peoples dropped trucks. Makes me want to spend money.


What size are the tires in the pic you posted. 2/4 coil and hanger/shakle drop? Looks good.
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