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Thought I would start a Under Construction of my first Silverado Build. I bought a 2000 Silverado RCSB 5.3 Auto. The truck would shock you as to how clean it was inside and out! This truck was his baby until his 13 year old took it for a test drive up the road and found the first light pole! Good part was no one was hurt and the truck just had minimal damage ...long story short It found its way to my garage! I have always loved a good clean low riding Silverado! and now is my time to build my own.!!

I have so far installed a 2" drop spindles in the front and 2" shackles in the back but going to install a set of 2" hangers still think the back end is to high! I have installed a rear roll pan, relocated the tailgate latch, and was going to smooth the tail lights out and install a set of cadillac Tail lights but think I may pass on that right now....not 100% sure. I installed a HD grill that will be blacked out to match the rest of the truck with a Billet Chevy emblem. I still havent decided on rims yet but not going huge but wont something nice and shiny!!

I will try my best to keep posted on whats going on with my first truck build.
Just a note I have been building old school hot rods for years just never got into the street truck themes so bare with me if I ask stupid ?'s and please give me all your commments and suggestions!


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