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fittings and 88-98 kp front cups

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$100 for all the fittings
the cups are seperate
dude if you still have those cups ill buy them for the 65 shipped there arent any difference in them no matter what lb bag your running or anything cause i got slam specialties 1/2 port just wanting to make sure probably just a dumb question that i should have already known tell me what you can do
I had the re-7's in there before. I think it's the 2500lb bag? I dunno that's what I used and it worked good. But ya i'll take paypal or money order. Peferably money order, I like to use paypal but recieving money is a pain they take away money when you send it.
thats cool man money order no prob pm me address and ill get you one out you can just cash it at the post office when you send the cups out i also got the re7 theyre a 2600 lb bag so they will be fine thanks
you got the switch box n stuff right?
yeah i got the switch box and was very pleased thats why im back to do business with again but money order goes out monday needing cups asap
Hey Andrew, So you still have these fittings? I need 4 of the 1/2" straight PTCs and 4 of the 90* 3/8" mnpt to 1/2" PTC. Let me know asap and I can paypal you the money. Also if you can find out what the cost of 2day or next day would be on them to 73093. Thanks.
2nd day is gonna be like $58..... shipping alone is $27 for basically a 3lb box.
2nd day is gonna be like $58..... shipping alone is $27 for basically a 3lb box.
??? for 8 fittings. They can't weight no more than a pound for 8 of them. I just looked up USPS shipping and it would cost about $4.05 for 2 day in a envelope?
oooooo well I weight it and it's a about 1lb 8 oz sooooooo
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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