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Flare's and Tires/Rim's

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I think I may have posted this in the wrong section before. Anyways, I just purchased some Warn 4x Flares for my truck and I want to paint them Black to match my truck. I need to know what steps to take so I get the nice glossy look (wetsanding?)

I'm going to get tires probably in August. I'm going to get 285/75's BFG A/T's and was originally planning on just running them on my stock rims. But now, I'd really like to just get some rims...either Weld Mountain Crushers or the Cheyenne 6's. I plan on cranking my t-bars up to level out the truck and give the tires a little more room...but what i'm wondering is if I run new 16x8 rims. As far as the backspacing, i really dont know much about it :think:...I was guessing either 4-5/8's or 4-3/4's would be about right but I dont know if thats to much. I dont mind triming up the plastic inner well if i have to, just dont want to hack it up to much. So do you guys think i'll be alright? I really appreciate all the help i've gotten since I've joined.

Here's pics of the rims (help me decide which to get :head:) Thanks!

Mountain Crusher's

Cheyenne 6's
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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