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Flex-a-lite is replacing fuse holders

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Flex-a-lite, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive cooling products, has become aware of a possible problem in the fuse holder on some of their electric fans. The models include #270, 280, 282, 290, 292, 295, 298 sold from May 2002 to July 2004 which included the fuse assembly produced by Che Yen Industrial Co., Ltd.. Flex-a-lite has discovered that the fuse was manufactured improperly and could cause electric fan control module failure, improper electric fan operation or worst case, the fuse body melting or catching on fire. Although Flex-a-lite has not had one instance of a fire, they are taking a pro-active stance and want to replace the faulty fuse holder with a new fuse and holder (part #31282) free of charge.

Flex-a-lite urges anyone with the above mentioned fans to contact them and install the new fuse holder immediately. The fuse holder simply splices in place of the old holder and is crimped into position between the wire and connector. If you need more information, or to contact Flex-a-lite, they can be reached at Flex-a-lite Consolidated, 1-800-851-1510, or (253) 922-2700. Fax number (253) 922-0226. P.O. Box 580, Milton, WA 98354.
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Well its about fricking time! Glad they are on top of it though.
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