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flex hose or hard pipe off of front bags?

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I currently have 3/8" bags and valves. I will be, in the next week or two, upgrading to 1/2". On my 3/8, I ran a stainless steel braided flex line off the top of the bag into stainless steel. My cups just sit in the upper spring pockets, so I figured it might need the flex hose. When I go back with 1/2", do i really need the flex hose? I was wanting to put the valves as close to the bag as possible, What I was thinking of doing was running a short nipple off the bag with a double 90 to get center up with the hole in the center of the spring pocket, and then a long enough nipple to get just above the spring pocket an 1" or so and mount my valves there. Make sense? Will this work? or will it cause problems because the upper cup can float? Oh yeah, the bottom is bolted to the modified lower control arm.

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I'm not sure I understand correctly, but you don't have a threaded bolt through the hole in the upper spring cup, right? So, you want to center the line from the bag to go through that hole with two 90's and then an inch over the spring cup mount your valves, correct? I would use flex hose just as a precaution. I don't think the upper bag cup would move too much because of the pressure in the bag, but you never know. My upper bag cup is bolted on with a threaded bolt. What I did is made another hole and passed the line through there, then like 1" or 2 over I t'ed it and mounted my valves over the UCA mounts. I hopes this helps a bit.
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