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flex ramp

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what degree of incline is a flex ramp? I want to give my straight axle boys some competition between eachother, then make a fool of myself :LOL:
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different degrees, 20 degree, 30 degree.... You know how the scoring works, its an equation that counts in your wheel base etc...
Damn ramp queens :D

We have a 20 degree I think for the club, we use it at blazerfest and have a contest to see who gets the highest score. I can't win because of my wheelbase. If you figure it into the equation I would have to have my front tire like 12 feet in the air to get 1000.

Anywho, heres Stephen Watson of ORD playing on our ramp:

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that just kicks ass. killer flex rules :head:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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