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flowmaster 10 (single chamber)

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just got one,
so if anybody's interested,
ill post up a vid.
not about to post one up for nothing haha
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I'm always up for a good exhaust vid. I'd really like to hear what AFM sounds like with a aftermarket exhaust setup. Are you running a SI/SO?
I am in for sound clip!!
3" si/so dumped 5.3 ill have the vid posted up on friday guys!
I had those with true duals on my old truck. I loved them.
Friend of mine has one on a 5.3 dumped. Pretty much sounds like straight exhaust with little less pop
I have a 09 ccsb with 5.3 removed the factory silencer and put 2 1 chambers on my truck. I like the sound but want to remove the cats also so might change the mufflers then to cbe or magnaflow. I would like to hear yours though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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