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Flutter ing noise when accleration in gear

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my truck is making a noise like a fluttering noise when it driving when it idles it doesnt make any noise but when you put it in gear and drive it it makes the noise could it be the exhaust or something wrong in the motor
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i just remembered that there was an annoyance with the factory mufflers in our trucks especially the 6.0 equipped trucks. the welds inside the muffler break and it creates a rattle that sounds like its comming from the front but its really comming from the back making its way up the entire exaust system. my buddy has a 2001 chevy 2500hd and his welds were broken inside and it rattled bad. he then put 2 magnaflow magnapacks on there and no more rattle. he did point out though if there is nobody in the back seats it doesnt do it nearly as often. and when there is somebody in the back window seat on the passenger side it does it A LOT. might not be your problem but hey it could be anything.
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