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for all you guys wondering...2/4 on a crew cab

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OK guys, we now know it can be done, yesterday my dad finished dropping my dads 2004 Crew Cab silverado 2/4. As a few of you were wondering how to drop it, becuase of the factory hangers being welded on. and since the bed is shorter you would think the leafs are too, and the 99-02 leafs wont work. well we measured my truck and my dads, and they seemed to be extremely close. we ordered a set of 4 inch drop leafs for the rear, and djm 2" coils up front. if you want to go lower, you can easily add drop shackles, and lower components up front. For the front, it is exactly like any other NBS truck, for the rear, you have to remove the bed, and drop the gas tank to get the leaf spring bolt out of the hanger. The truck handles extremely well, and looks clean, we just need to get his 20s in. If you guys have any questions please let me know.
sorry the pics are bad, its raining

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Looks pretty good!! And low! What brand leafs did ya'll go with? I have Belltech's on mine along with drop hangers and shackles. Does it ride bouncy at all?
Looks good.
I wouldn't think you had to remove the bed to replace the leaf springs.....
nice... i think it needs 22's for such a big truck, but 20's will look really good to
looks so bad ass I want a crew cab badly
that looks VERY nice! :head:
cant wait too see it with the rims on. have you decided on a set yet?
very clean!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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