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For anyone with a TBI engine

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I was curious to see if there were any decent upgrades for TBI engines, besides the usual Air Filter or Exhaust mods, and came across this site. They offer larger replacement throttle bodies for GM 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, and 7.4 liter engines. Hell, you can even put the 7.4 liter throttle body on the small block and really feed that engine!! They also offer lowbuck mods that are very effective. Check it :head: :head:
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It's a pretty common mod to install a 454 throttle body and injectors on a 350 motor that is built up a little. The intake needs to be bored a little bigger for the 454 throttle body. Another good mod is L98 heads to replace the boat anchors that came factory. They L98's run about $200 for a set.

Cam, heads, and new throttle body will really wake those motors up.

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The problem with those motors is pretty much everything as far as performance is concerned. Sticking the BBC TB (2.0" butterflys IIRC) will not yield much performance gain if you don't need the airflow; and of course you need the bore the intake or get another one. You can buy carb intakes and an adapter for the TB. The normal stuff helps, cam, heads, exhaust. I'd start with headers and exhaust.

I can't think of any one, simple thing you can do (that's half-way affordable) that will yield big gains.

Your stock cam and heads really suck...
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