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FOR SALE: Limited Ed. 05 Raven R6

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This is my brothers bike. It was bought new in May '05. Its a Limited Edition (called a Raven Edition) R6. It is all black (black powdercoated frame, pearl black plastics). All stock except for rear tire. Rear tire (Continental Road Attack 190/50/17)was replaced because it got a nail in it and has approximately 800 miles on it. Front tire is the stock Dunlop Sportmax 120/70/17. Bike stays covered in my parents garage. This is my bro's first bike. There is some scuffs/scratches were he dropped it as he was coming to a stop at the house (less than 5 MPH). Landed on right side, half on the grass half on the driveway. Didn't completely hit the ground as he, and my dad who had been standing close, caught it. He is trying to get rid of it because he never rides it anymore. We made sure all there fluids were change as they were supposed to and have kept up with oil changes(actually the oil will probably be changed before its sold). The bike has been taken care of. I personally have never wheelied the bike, and I think my bro has but probably less than 5 times(Told him it messed up the front and he was like...I not doing that again, I dont want to tear it up). It runs great NO PROBLEMS. I would love to have it but my wife barely lets me ride it when I go to my parent's house. It is located in Lufkin, Tx. If anyone lives close and would like to see it in person I could arrange for it. I live north of Houston and may bring it to my house so if any one around H-town is interested I could arrange to meet them somewhere.

He is wanting $6000.00 for it.

The damage is very minor as you can see in the pics. Bike has really been taken care of. I have personally waxed that bike 6-7 times since it was brought home. And I know my bro has waxed it a few times himself.

If you have any questions please ask. Bike needs to be gone ASAP!!! REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED

Scuffed the paint off but there are there no gouges(sp?)/cuts in the plastic.

This is probably the worst scuff on the bike. This is were the bike touched the concrete driveway. Scratched and scuffed the paint but didn't bend or break the plastic.

The scratches by the light are not real noticable unless you really look for them. Light was not damaged.
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MODS: can you pls erase the other thread. Didnt mean to make 2. Thx
Thats a damn good price for that bike!!! Im pretty sure it will sell quick, if only i had the extra coin to spend!!!
Its a great bike somebody who has more time to ride it would love it...I promise. He(my brother) doesnt want to get rid of it but he never has a chance to ride it and I would like to have it but the wife says NO.
I just bought a new 2007 R6 2 weeks ago..... I wish you would have posted this sooner.....
i am actually interested in buying a bike right now but I am about $5900 to short.
rob a NEED this bike :evil:
That is one of the best looking bikes out there.
nice bike but i only have 4200. I dont mean to lowball you but if he would be interested let me know if we can work something out, just send me a pm
I might could get the price down to $5k. I can let you know?
ok i will see if i can come up with some more money

PRICE IS NOW $5000.00
My brother still has this and wants to sell it again. Miles haven't change much I don't think (will double check the miles this weekend). Going to start with $5000.00 and see where we stand.
That's a badass bike man. Wish I had $5,000 to blow on something I don't really need
Who is this? What part of east texas you from? Who's bike is that? Lol what's your bro's name?
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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