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For Trade...HD/Z71 Trailor Extending Mirrors

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Guys i have an 03 silverado, the previous owner did some towing and decided (for whatever reason) to pay almost 400 dollars for some towing mirrors....i do not need them, this truck is going to be for show..not tow..

Does anyone IN THE HOUSTON/SPRING/WOODLANDS/CONROE/BAYTOWN somewhere in those areas im constantly in...have or know someone that wants to trade mirrors?

There isnt anythign wrong with mirros, one small scratch on driver side...both mirros have led signal, and both are working properly..

These mirrors cost well over 300....and alls i want is a stock pair or mirrors...Must be very clean, and have the turn signal in the mirror or no trade..these really are great for 4X4s or anyone that has toys to drag around!

If anyone is intrested please reply or pm me...


Tucked in...


Signal...(u can kinda see the scratch)

I can take some more pics if need be, someone help a brotha out!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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