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Free painted bumper cap

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Fits 99-02 Silverado and the 00-current Tahoes. It's already painted so prep work will be minimal. I broke some of the clips when I took it off. It works fine with double sided tape because I had to put it back on for awhile. I dont want to ship, so anyone in Houston or surrounding areas can meet me somewhere to pick it up. If I dont get any takers I'm gonna trash it.
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like i asked on the other site... what color? and before anyone says anything... i know he said he wont ship out of houston..
low slow 00 said:
what color?
Redfire Metallic, basically maroon.
talk to badassilverado, he has been looking for one forever :bowtie:
ehh, if no one picks it up ill pay for shipping if your willing to box it up...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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