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free stuff

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i got three wheels and tires from a 88 silverado its the rally wheels.also a rear bumper its missing the lower plastic by the license plate, also it has a small dent.

also there is a metal toolbox for a fullsize truck. i perfer local pickup but if someone wants it shipped they must paid for the shipping.
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hey what size are the wheels and what is the bolt pattern.....
15" i think there 5.5. the same as
your 92.
you have pics of the toolbox?
ill take the toolbox , find out what shipping will be to 45432 and ill send you the money asap , thanks
I wish you were closer to louisiana. I'd take the wheels off of you for some burn out tires
K1500_4X4 said:
hey bud , you still got the toolbox ?
yeah got it still, its going to be expense to ship because of its size i'm quessing around $60 to $70 or more.

pewter00 said:
what year bumper?
its from my 2003 silverado
and its free? is it just a dent or is there a crease in it? my dad needs one..
If PEWTER00 doesnt want the bumper or wants the bumper and can part with the license plate lights I'll take them. Local pick-up to.
its more like a crease, heres a picture the black circle is where the dent is and the red one is what is missing.

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okie in cali you an go ahead and have it.. i dont have the money to ship it right now anyways
if possible get me some pics of the tool box , i know shipping will be high , but if its in good shape i am interested , thanks
hey you wanna part with 2 of the wheels and tires...cause yeah i would just want them to do butnouts
have you put any armoral on the rear bumper caps?
Joshs2002Silverado said:
hey you wanna part with 2 of the wheels and tires...cause yeah i would just want them to do butnouts
Thats cool with me.

Twstd02- no i havent put nothing on the bumper caps
hey blue ice , any word on the shipping cost and pics of the toolbox , i am still very interested , thank you
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