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Fresh rides in H-town

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when i was up at ekstensive getting my truck i was talking to mark and he mentioned there was a new shop called fresh rides in H-town. I know he said rocky(dont know him but have heard he does good work) that use to work at ekstensive moved over there from that other shop (forgot its name)

anyways I saw on ssm somebody was asking about that shop and it sounds like some talented people over there so if anyone wants to go check it out and let me know what its like that would be real cool...
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It's on Cypresswood right down the road from me. I went to the open house for about an hour or so. There were a bunch of people so i didn't bother checking out the shop. The only high point of going up there for me was getting to talk to bill and Mitch from EKMW and a few other people I haven't talked to in a while. I had like 8 people ask wher my truck was.
Once I get my bucket back I'll go by again and check things out better if I can.
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