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Friggin thieves Part 2.....

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......well, the guys who stole my plastics are obviously truck nuts, cause they returned them to me, all smoothed and painted! :D:D BUT they did steal my damn tailgate....but if everything goes like before, it should come back shaved :D:D

All together I had the upper bumper cap, lower valance, mirrors, and all rear bumper plastics smoothed and painted.......also replaced the 2 front fender flares and had them repainted due to rubbage in Pismo in March :( Turned out great and I should get my tailgate back by Tuesday! :D:D

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looks badass.. makes me want a billet grille..
looks killer
I bet that looks crazy good in person. I never see nice trucks like that around here :(
Wanna sell it? :D
Oh my fucking god :drool:

Jehus H. Chrrrrist dude :shake:
every time you do something to the truck, i think DAMN that shit looks good. it just keeps getting better!
its awesome mauro.
:rocking: :rocking:
Damn, that looks awsome!
ur truck is up there with 1badduramax's old thats saying something
looks awesome
Looks AMAZING!! I want mine done
1 - 20 of 101 Posts
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