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From the Beginning till now

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I was bored and figured I would show you guys what my truck has gone through. The first picture is right after I got my windows tinted. That was all I had done to it. Then I got my wheels. With no drop. Then I finally got it 2/4 dropped. Then we are wehre we are at now, drop, rims, roll pan, handles, hood. All sorts of fun stuff. Still lots more to do!!

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Burning Rubber
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Cool... how long ago did you Buy it.

I wish I had a Before/after pic from a few months ago of my Truck. :head:

Jason RIP
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chevyman992002 said:
i'm working on painting my dash right now. the grille and bumper cap will be next.
You doing a billet grill too, or something more subtle? I wish I had done the billet grill the day I bought my truck, cause I liked how it made the front look.

I want to do my bumper cap, but not sure how it comes off really, I know it has some double stick tape and also a bunch of interlocking clips that if you dont pull off right you can break ...

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Wow! Looks funny to see how much each truck has came over time.

Had find a couple pictures of differant stages of my truck.

About 2 days old.. Just a baby lol

Not sure when this was took but I had put on the toolbox and Spray bedliner and Exhaust. Still have not taken off the splash guards/mudflap crap :slap:
Already know what look Im going for, just have to start in that direction!

Skip ALOT of steps here. This is about 1-2 months ago. Tinted windows Stepbars, color matched bowtie and everything else I have done up untill then. Getting close to the look I have in my head but not quite there yet.

The way she sits right now :D

This picture will be changing b/c the mods never end lol
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