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What are the average prices for a escalade, 03-04 chevy clip, and an avalanche? Then what would u figure installed?
I'm trying to get an idea of what to do to make my 00 look different when I finally get the lift on.
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Y2KSierra said:
I think the new caddy clips are around 3k in parts alone. You will also have to have your lower fenders grafted to the escalade fenders so your bodyline matches up correctly. The fender flare holes will need to be filled on the escalade fenders as well. Then with paint you are likely looking at around 4000-5000 depending on bodyshop charges. As for the avalanche clip i have no clue. But it'll also require bodywork to fill the holes and to graft your fenders to the tops of the avy fenders so the wheel has the correct opening for your truck. I've seen one truck with an avy clip that looked good and he had the truck fenders with the avy section grafted on top for a seamless look :head:
:word: He pretty much covered it....3k in parts alone and probably 4500-5k when done.

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