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Front end clunk + no front shocks?

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I keep feeling a shake or a rattle or something in the front end of my truck and tonight I jacked up the driver's side wheel after I re-torqued everything. I pushed on the top of the wheel and it is moving ever so slightly, just enough to make a clunk noise.

I lifted up the other side and its not doing it. I removed the wheel, tried to move it but could barely get it to. Then I put the wheel back on, torqued it down, and it is still doing it.

Is the wheel bearing bad??? The lift has been on for about 20K miles now and has been re-torqued twice. Thats question number one.

The second is this... I swear I read somewhere that someone never ran front shocks on a lifted 2wd truck. I was thinking about replacing my shitty Fabtech shocks but then this came to mind. I have to have back ones, but what will happen if I just take the fronts off?

Thanks for the input! :insane:
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you can almost get away w/o rear shocks...but you will want your fronts.

and if theres any movement, the wheel bearing or balljoints are bad.
How much trouble is it to replace either of the above? (wheel bearing / ball joints)

I am sick of this turd. My truck is thirsty for a swim in a lake!
wheel bearings are EASY. pull off tire, pull off caliper and rotor, 3 bolts and bearing is off. Im not sure how mechanically inclined you are...BJs are an easy job for me, but if you aren't too mechanically inclined, they can be a bitch...pretty much pull everything down to the knuckle, pull off the BJ nuts and put a jack under the LCA, mini or fullsize sledge hammer and pickle fork, itll come apart...then drill out rivits or press out BJs, toss new ones in and reassemble.

BTW, 2wd hubs HATE bigger/heavier tires and wheels, as you are seeing. BTW, the clunk COULD be shitty shocks. my friend had some fabtech shocks, ran them for prob not evne a year, SFAed the truck and when the old shocks were pulled 2 or 3 of them fell slap apart...the piston came out of the body completely. i think one MIGHT have made it.
They are both really easy to change and cheap also. Nothing to bitch about. Get you a 12 pack and a few tools be done and buzzed in no time.
Excellent info, thanks. I'll see if I can find some replacement parts with a lifetime guarantee so they only cost me once! LOL
Excellent info, thanks. I'll see if I can find some replacement parts with a lifetime guarantee so they only cost me once! LOL
Smart thinking on that one. Look around too because alot of times napa is higher than say autozone but its the same brand part lol just their own part number. I have seen some brands of hubs - wheel bearings are much tighter than others from the get go. Im trying to think............ another member here went through this where he found a better brand. I will reply again when i remember who.
mgrotel, I seem to remember him going through a few different brands before he found the hubs he liked the most. Sayed they were better quality and they felt tighter from the get go. PM him and see what he says
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