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Alright guys, im considering selling my truck. I downgraded from a modded 07 duramax to this after i sold my cobra, thought it was all i needed. But dammit, i want a big crew cab diesel again. I bought a new 2014 sierra z71, but my wife stole that right off the bat lol. Its a nice truck by all means, but its just not my old duramax.

Background: Bought this truck at a local dealer towards the beginning of this year with 77k miles or so. It is exactly as it is now other then it had a 4.3 v6 in it. At 81,000 miles i ripped the 4.3 out and dropped in a 5.3 out of 2003 silverado.


Suspension and Tires:
-Has a mild lift, not sure the brand, looks like maybe just some keys and blocks. Truck came like this so not 100%.
-XD wheels with nitto terra grappler 33"s, 65%ish on the tread.

-5.3 i pulled out a 2003 silverado.
-New AC Delco spark plugs
-New duralast wires
-New duralast water pump and thermostat
-New belts (acc & main belt)
-New EVAP solenoid
-New duralast starter
-New motor mounts and frame mounts
-New dipstick and dipstick tube
-New A/C lines
-New optima battery (red top)
-New AC delco oil filter with penzoil platinum full synthetic oil
-New valve cover gaskets (pulled to see condition, no sludge)
-New exhaust manifold gaskets
-I bought new oil pan gaskets, rear and front main seal gaskets etc.. But there is absolutely no leaks on this motor, so i left well enough alone)

-New pacesetter long tube headers
-New pacesetter O/R Y pipe
-Gibson dual side exhaust (stainless) (comes out before passenger side tire)
-New exhaust bolts

-Factory NV3500
-New factory flywheel
-New factory clutch
-New pilot and throw out bearing

-Custom tune from Nelson Performance

-Kenwood cd/mp3 deck
-Aftermarket component speakers (not sure on brand)
-2 10"s in a sealed box with kenwood amp behind the seat.

I have EVERY reciept for this swap. I converted the drive by cable to drive by wire. This truck has the bigger radiator with 05+ electric fans as well. Paint is absolutly perfect for the year. No swirls or dents. The only body damage is there is 4 dings in the drivers side door. Other then that, has a few rock chips on the front. I give the outside a 9 out of 10. Paint shines like new, i have it professionally detailed once a month. Interior is flawless, no paint coming off of dash, no cracks, seats look like nobody ever even sat in them. Truck also has a new kobalt black low pro tool box, and a bedliner. 5k hid headlights.

With that being said, there is 0 miles on the 5.3 swap. Im waiting on my returnless fuel rail to get here so i can crank it up. So as of now this will be a fresh build. Truk will be running this weekend and ill post up some vids of it. Just posting the listing now to get the word out. 5.3 swap has cost me $3299.67 not inluding the oil, filter, coolant etc.. I may of missed something, any questions just let me know.

Price: $16,000 obo.

Trades.. Unless someone wants to downgrade from a duramax or MAYBE an f250.. Then no trades.

Pictures: I on my work computer, wont be home until thursday. I cant access photobucket here and imageshack wants me to pay to upload pics now. So im open to other suggestions, i cant upload here either as im limited on size.

"The Man"
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Truck is completed, and back on the road. No longer for sale, decided i didnt want another big truck payment, and im enjoying it a lot more than anticipated!
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