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FS-airaid tube,trueflow filter's

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tube and filter together-$115 shipped :)

airaid intake tube(200-919),fits efan(has all clamps included) - $100 shipped OBO

trueflow filter for the stock air box-$25 shipped OBO

Trueflow filter #10207-fits gm 2004-2007 canyon/colorado-$25 shipped OBO
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bump,prices are OBO
bump............need this stuff gone :)
the airraid tube works on the stock position box right?
yes fits the stock box OR the airaid cool airdam thingy :D
interesting.....i'll have to think about this. im too lazy to build the PVC one plus i cant get past the fact its PVC
let me know im ready to move this thing :)
do you still have this?
yes sir :D
this will fit on my 2004 Tahoe correct?
nevermind it won't fit mine
if it has an efan i dont see why it wouldnt ....
bump :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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