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I bought this from a member (who I can't seem to get ahold of now) on who told me this was for a 99-03 style truck, when I received it I noticed its larger in diameter and shorter than my pump, also only has 2 hose connections which leads me to believe its returnless style... not 100% sure though. I believe its for 04+, ill look into it tomorrow... only reason I am listing now is because I figured maybe someone could shed some light.

I paid $220 for this and that is what I am trying to sell it for... if you were to try to get one from GM it would be about $280 with tax and shipping.

GM PART # 19167711
CATEGORY: Fuel Tank Meter Sender/Connector

This is the whole unit.

$220 shipped to the lower 48


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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