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Fs: Microsoft Xbox 360 9 games 2 controllers and more....

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i have for sale my xbox 360 premium system.Its a little under a year old. I recently sent it to microsoft to be fixed which they did and its back 100%.But due to unemployment it must go. Heres what all i have

xbox 360 Premium system - all cables and original box.
Hard drive
2 microsoft wireless controllers
2 headsets 1 microsoft,the other is another brand
1 dvd remote brand of the other headset.not sure off hand what brand.
9 games
Nba Homecourt
Gears of war
fight night round 3
madden 07 legendary edition
need for speed carbon collectors edition
halo 2
sneak king
pocket racer
big bumpin

All the games have the cases and manuals. the games are in near new condition with little to no scratches.

would like to get 625 Shipped. i have well more than that in this and i really enjoy it and will miss it but i have no job right now and tons of bills creepin up on me so it must go. if seriously interested let me know and ill get pics of everything. pm me and well work it out.
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Willing to part it out? (IE.. games & remote)?
nah if theres no interest here. ill throw it on ebay.
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