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Well then it stays in my garage. It a great kit, no reason to drop the price excessively. I'm already loosing money on it. I'm definitely not going to sell it for a 1000 or anything like that. After shipping, I will have about 1500, that's 900 less then what I paid just 1 month ago. If it sells fine, if not then I will keep it and try again later or put it on ebay. Ill sell it sooner or later. You'd be surprised how much interest I've had on it, not here but locally. That what Im hopping to do. You can shoot me an offer wont, hurt.
Yeah I might would hang on to it. Lifts seem to be picking back up a little around here. You might get more for it. I definaltly wouldnt loose your ass on a kit that new.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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