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FSC member finds his way over

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just saying hi. i've been active at for a while, and figured i should join here too.
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00Silverado said:
Glad to have you, post some pics of your ride :bowtie:
i will sooner or later. i just put cutouts on my OBS extended cab, i've ordered a TJM bumper and a rancho kit which should be here in a week or so. i plan on getting 38" SSRs with black fake beadlock rims. (awesome looking on a black truck) havent decided on a rim size yet...

as for what's already on, i put in a 3" BL last summer, 31" xterrains, and i've got a pretty good sound system... not to mention some body damage from wheeling stock.

here's a picture from before the cutouts:

the cap is off now, its a seasonal thing...

the road actually caught on fire by itself. needless to say it killed my rearend. =(

the rest of the images and whatnot can be found at

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:welcome: nice to see more members from MA
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