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ok ////my truck call for the MU1415 may not the 1417 same freaking dimensions form what I can find
]does anybody know what the difference are in these pumps?

secondly can we replace he stock non-e85 pump with the E85 model( MU-1553)
it's cheaper and has to flow more fuel..
reson why is for mods in the future for about 420 hp.. i knwo the walboro 255 yadda yadda yadda but why not just use the gm flex pump..
oh yes non return system..

FYI here is delphi intechange site

Bosch 66072
Bosch 67447
Bosch 67535
Bosch 69974
Carter P76232M
Carter P76241M
Carter P76511M
DENSO Auto Parts 953-3040
DENSO Auto Parts 953-5126
DENSO Auto Parts 953-5130
DENSO Auto Parts 9533040
Delphi FG0340
ReTech RE0881S
Spectra Premium SP3609M
ACDelco M10101ACDelco MU1156ACDelco MU1309ACDelco MU1314ACDelco MU1415ACDelco MU1417ACDelco TS1016AutoZone DFG0340CARQUEST M3480519E3609MGeneral Motors 19133449General Motors 19133450General Motors 19167467General Motors 19167468General Motors 19303385General Motors 19303391General Motors 19331937General Motors 19331960General Motors 25349027General Motors 25376408General Motors 25384360General Motors 25384361General Motors 88965371General Motors 88965386General Motors 88965391Magneti Marelli 1AMFP00033

Delphi Fuel Pump Module Assembly
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