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I have an 03 denali with 3-tone seats (factory gray with dark charcoal suede and white ostrich inserts.)

door panels are suede on top and bottom with ostrich centers

to match the headliner is completely suede with a kicker 1200.1 amp installed in the back. with a custom fiberglass amp cover (for better appearance)

the top of the console armrest is also matched suede and ostrich

the pillars A,B,C,D are also wrapped in ostrich.

every piece of removable plastic was also painted and airbrushed, (a process that we hand painted with 5 different colors of pearl, and then airbrushed shadows and detail. all dupont paint)

pieces included are: dash surround, upper and lower console, overhead console, window switch surrounds, airvents on dash and headliner, headliner hooks, speaker grills front and back pillars, and much more basically all removable hard plastic items.

Make my loss your gain. For the custom paintwork I paid an excess of $4000, the seats and pillars $2000, and the headliner and amp $800, plus another $800 to make the amp cover. Total I paid is almost $8000!

I am sellling everything as a complete package for $3000, but I will need your stock parts as replacement. (as for the plastics it doesn't need to be the oem denali wood, stock gray is fine. Even cloth seats and door panels will work, however the seats must both be power with side airbags, and gray color no beige)
I am positive the trade will work with other yukons, tahoes, avalanche, and escalade, others I am unsure.

If anyone is interested please email me [email protected]

I do need to move this stuff a.s.a.p. but please don't try to lowball me with ridicilous offers as I am already taking a tremendous loss. My price is pretty firm, I would rather see another enthusiast benefit, rather than the dealer to make a killing off of it when they sell my used truck.

I live in the nj/pa area.

check my cardomain for pics. I am aware these are not the best pics I am getting a new camera and will post full detailed shots. for now check this: cardomain
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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