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Full, drawn out, in detail...installation instructions for new gauge faces

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I just got my new gauge faces for my stoked. But, I have NO clue how to take the dash apart to put the damn things in. I got tomorrow off from work, as I'm sure you all do as well, so if anybody could help me out with the most complete, detailed instructions for how to put them in. I would be eternaly grateful. :worship: Btw, 99 gmc sierra. If you could put pictures in, that would also be appresiated. And remember, I'm a retard when it comes to doing this stuff. Being in germany my options are kinda limited when it comes to where I can bring my truck for any sort of installs. :crap:
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Is it the new body style truck or still the old one?
It's the new body style, I tried unscrewing what screws I could find and then lifting the top part of the dash, but it all looks interconnected.
pop the truck in 1st gear(assuming you have an auto) put the steering wheel all the way down. The dash bezel just pulls straight off. There should be a bunch of 7mm sockets around the outside of the gauge cluster. They usually do tech articles in truckin all the time on how to do the actual gauge cluster. All i can remember, is that they usually want you to warm up the truck all the way, mark all the places the needles point, and then mark the idle. Then drive like 5 mph in 1st gear, and mark where the needle is, so u can calibrate the speedo later.
Here's another question. Do I pop out the needles? 'Cause they feel like they're pretty stuck in there. I've heard that if the needles are off, even up or down in their sockets, they would be need to be calibrated. And if they do, can the hypertech reprogrammer recalibrate the needles to their proper place?

Also, what about the wiring clip? I have two boxes, one has a dial, and a switch. That's for changing the colors and light intensity. The other box is, I guess, a power converter or something. The power converter thing has three wires coming from it. One goes to the switch box, one goes to the wire that I plug into the gauge face, and the other has a red and black wire. I know the red and black wire is for power and ground...but I don't know where I can tap them into confidently, and not screw something up. With my luck I would short out my message center, or tach, or something important. Heaven help me from my wife if I break something and don't know how to fix it.
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Another problem cropped up. I hooked everything up, got it all to work. By the way they look great. I'll put pics up when the wife gets back with my camera. But the wire I hooked into through the wiring harness to the gauges activates them when I open the door. Totally sucks! :bawl: Back to the drawing board.
Finally got the thing figured out! Got the damn things in! And everything is running smooth! :head2:

Once again, as soon as the wife gets back, there will be pics!
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