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I'll be putting my new cam in within a week or so, so I figured I'd list this one now. I'm asking $250 which will include shipping. I feel that's a fair price so if you're interested, please don't try to talk me down!

Just a quick word on the cam: Prior to buying it, I called Futral to see what they could tell me about the cam. They said the cam would be a goof forced induction cam OR good for someone running a cold air intake but with stock exhaust manifolds. The split in the duration compensates for the larger amount of air coming in as opposed to the time required to keep the air moving through the stock manifolds.

The cam pulls pretty hard, even with my current fuel pump which is, I recently found out, weak as crap. It helped me get into the 14's even with the fuel pump problem, so in short, it's a good cam. I'm just going to go a little smaller due to my current setup and per Allen Nelsons and Comp Cams recommendation. I bought it from a member on who, if I remember correctly, put less that 2,000 miles on it. I've only had it in my truck for a few months so the miles are pretty low.

It should be out and available within a week. My new cam and fuel pump is on the way, so I'll be having it installed ASAP.

If you decide you want it and want some kind of seller protection, I can list it on Ebay. I'd rather not though due to the fees. I've met a lot of the guys on (Allen (farmtruc), Billy and Dustin at TRT, Greg (RedHeartbeat), Virgil (mean05), Jeffro (Jethro), Alan (TxStVanWilder), etc., and I think they'll vouch for me being a stand-up guy.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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