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Selling these for my buddy's grandpa but they are in my possession. Pictures available on request because I'm not near my camera at the moment.

1. Ping G10. He played with it for like 2 rounds and felt the shaft was too weak for his swing speed. No sky marks or marks on the crown. Typical scratches on the sole of the club.
Condition: 8.5/9 out of 10
Loft: 9*
Shaft: TFC 129 Regular flex
Length: Ping's standard which is I BELIEVE is 45.75"
Grip: Ping teardrop
Headcover: yes
Price: $210 shipped

2. TaylorMade Burner. One of the hottest, if not the hottest driver, out there. Don't get it confused for the Tour Burner. He played it for a couple months so its a little more worn but not bad. The crown has like 3 little black nicks near the back and heel of the top where the club has that "composite" look. It isn't that bad IMO.
Condition: 7.5/10
Loft: 9.5*
Shaft: Stock REAX Stiff flex
Length: TaylorMade's standard
Grip: stock in good condition
Headcover: yes
Price: $150 shipped

Thanks for looking.
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