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garage sale..

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ive got some stock peices off my truck here that i want to get rid of. all items do not include shipping. all of them are OBO. all of them in perfect shape. all of them perfect for someone wanting to sand and smooth and get painted for a color thats not offered for yukons/tahoe/escalade etc.

textured bumper cap off my 2wd 05 1500. $50

textured mirror caps off my 2wd 05 1500. $15

textured tailgate bezel off my 2wd 05 1500. $15

textured door handles off my 2wd 05 1500. driver key hole only. will need the lock cylinder from your current handle. $25

i can get more pictures or answer any questions etc that you may have. just hit me up. im in glendale, az 85306.
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U got my addy, lmao, send the mirror caps, hehe
you want em their yours.. although i dont have the pm with your address anymore. youll have to send me that too. gimme your number again while your at it so i can call you when im shipping them haha.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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