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anyone interested in buying anything that wants pictures, it will be saturday before i can take some pictures. just PM me if interested

stock handles (black textured) $20 shipped

stock manual mirrors (black textured) $25 shipped

full system for signle cab NBS trucks (local sale only): Custom box with three 8" Fosgate P2's with 325 watt amp 1 channel (box was a prototype box and was set up as a demo at a store and i bought it used. it had four subs orginally but the fourth hole was plugged up. will have pics on saturday for anyone interested)

stock intake for 99-06 4.3L Silverado/Sierra: $45 shipped

Throttle body spacer for 4.3L 99-06: $65 shipped

Alpine iPod interface: $70 shipped

factory interior handles 99-06 :$20 shipped

99-02 taillights: $25 shipped

Center Jump Seat 99-06 (non-foldable): $45 plus shipping

stock interior mirror (non-electric) $10 shipped
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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