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I have five 18x9 KMC Condors that I'm thinking about selling... the two front wheels are wrapped in Nitto 555 255/45's and the three rear's are wrapped in

One of the wheels have a dent on the edge from a 180 in the rain into a curb :flame: ... perfect for a fullsize spare... not sure if it can be fixed... I have heard that it can be done... but not sure...

I paid $3250 for all 5 with tires... all tires have a decent amount of tread left, but I don't have a digital camera so no pics... I'm lookin to get around $2600 + half of the shipping costs for the whole set... your basically getting a fullsize spare for free...

I'm only willing to sell all 5 at once unless someone offers to buy the damaged 5th wheel beforehand... If anyone is interested in the 5th wheel, PM me and we can work something out...

Here's a link for the wheels...
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