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Gen III or Gen IV for a swap....

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Re-starting my search for an engine/trans combo to swap into my 94. Just wondering if there is any reason to stay away from the gen IV engines for swapping into the OBS or if they are essentially the same animal as the Gen III's with some improvements. I had been looking for an L33, LQ4 or LQ9 with a 4l80e to swap into my truck, which i imagine will still be the cheaper route, but would there be any distinct advantage to going with a newer LH6 (active fuel management), LY5, LY6 or L76 (or L92 if i could find one).

I am sure the Gen III's are much more available, cheaper, and we know they make plenty of reliable power. Just wondering if a newer design would be worth the search or if it will present some massive headaches.

Related to that, how well does the active fuel management work? and can it be maintained in a swap (i dont see why it wouldnt).