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If you're looking to improve your Silverado and give it a completely new, custom look, a set of aftermarket tail lights is a must. New Morimoto XB 3D Infinity LED taillights would be a perfect upgrade for your truck. They feature a 3D Infinity lighting style, which makes them look simply breathtaking. Another great thing about them is an easy plug-n-play installation that doesn't require any modifications.

See the lights in action and find out more about the new Morimoto tail lights in our video review.

Morimoto® - XB™ Black/Smoke LED Tail Lights

  • Bulb type: SSC LED
  • Functions: turn/brake (dual intensity), backup light
  • Housing material: injection-molded ABS
  • Lens material: UV-resistant high impact polycarb
  • Connector: Chevrolet multi-pin OEM
  • DOT, ECE, SAE, FMVSS compliance
  • IP67 waterproof
  • LED color: red (brake, turn signal)
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