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glass tubes for engine? what's he talking about?

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This guy at the bodyshop that's working on my truck was telling me about some stuff he's getting for under the hood and he mentioned glass tubes or something, so you can see the fluid in them and stuff. I don't really know what he's talking about. Does anyone know what he is referring to and does anyone have any pics of these on any trucks?

Thanks guys.
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elegalR1der said:
Ive only seen Clear UPD intakes and Clear radiator hoses.....Im pretty sure you can swap out other hoses with clear ones, but I dont know anything about "Glass tubes"
when he says glass I'm assuming he means that you can see through them, because they obviously aren't real glass. Still, if anyone has pics I'd love to see them.

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01GMC said:
Be pretty cool .. but they will discolor and look like ass (yellow) after time wouldn't they?
Yes....I would think so. Especially if they are fluid based. There is way too much heat under hoods to make anything like that look good for a long time. You see neon tubes for motorcycle plug wires a lot but they exposed to enough cool air that heat won't discolor them.

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