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Okay, so the plans are for my 06 GMC CCSB 2WD before the Turbo goes on because you have to stop fast too :imo

-Replace front Rotors with Powerslots
-Replace front pads with Hawk Ceramic Performance
-Turn rear drums (yes the 06 has drums)
-Replace rear shoes with Bendix Performance Shoes and install kit
-Replace all fluid
-Replace rubber lines with Russell Braided Stainless

I'm prepared to do all of this myself, except for turning the drums, I'll have my buddy at the Midas do that. I'm fairly experienced with working on cars and trucks.

The question I have is, is there anything not in the Haine's manual that I need to look out for? I'm talking sticking points, special hard-to-find tools, things that will make me want to throw tools at the wall...

Any info will be appreciated... :shake:

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Do get some pics, make a write up. :imo

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